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No one seriously even looks at this blog lol My name is Kyle. Officially 20. Is nice and won't bite if you wanna talk.
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Dragon Age II - Flemeth cosplay

by MonoAbel

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Creepy Gifs Part 3 (Part 1) (Part 2) 


  1. Mirrors (2008)
  2. Not Known
  3. Report 51
  4. The Devil Inside (2012)
  5. MarbleHornet’s Slenderman Series
  6. Fatal Frame 4
  7. Grave Encounters 2
  8. The Old Chair
  9. Whispered Faith 
  10. MarbleHornet’s Slenderman Series. 

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Dark Valkyrie Diana - League of Legends

Hope you’ll like this little progress collage of my Diana costume! It was totally fun to bring her to life! Also if you also like to learn how to create such costumes, just check out my PDF books for 5$! 

Material is Worbla, which you can buy in Europe here:
… or in the US and Canada at Cosplaysupplies here:

Wig sponsert by www.mycostumes.de

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bioware zodiac


aries: desperate to play inquisition
taurus: desperate to play inquisition
gemini: desperate to play inquisition
cancer: desperate to play inquisition
leo: desperate to play inquisition
virgo: desperate to play inquisition
libra: desperate to play inquisition
scorpio: desperate to play inquisition
sagittarius: desperate to play inquisition
capricorn: desperate to play inquisition
aquarius: desperate to play inquisition
pisces: desperate to play inquisition

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When I saw ‘Blastoise and Charizard FIGHT’ I wasn’t expecting this

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